A broad portfolio of Interline Transfer, Full Frame,
and Linear devices with unmatched image quality
Devices with the performance and quality
to meet the needs of the most demanding
imaging applications
Core innovations that power the world’s
highest performance image sensor devices

Truesense Imaging provides a broad range of image sensors delivering unsurpassed quality, frame speeds, and resolutions – providing the performance relied on by camera manufacturers around the world for use in their most-demanding industrial, medical, photographic, scientific and security applications.

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  • When I was growing up as a kid, I had two older brothers who cast big shadows in the town we lived.  I remember that everywhere I went, their friends would say, “Oh look, there’s the little br
  • At Truesense Imaging, the first shipment of a new product is always very exciting.  As a new product comes to market, the hard work that goes into the development of that device – from specifi
  • A while back, I wrote about an exciting new family of high-performance image sensors that is based on our most advanced CCD technology – the TRUESENSE 7.4-micron Interline Transfer CCD Portfolio.&n